All I Know Now :Wonderings And Reflections On Growing Up Gracefully by Carrie Hope Fletcher

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How are you all? Good I hope.

So I finished reading Carrie Hope Fletcher’s  début book last night which is called All I Know Now :Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully.

I think this was a brilliant read it’s more aimed at ages of 11-19 yrs old I would say. I think it was brilliant book because she gives you advice with how to deal with lots of different things that can cause trouble,upset or worry in your life such as being bullied,relationships and how to make big decisions in your life for your future. But not only gives advice but tells you about her life when she was younger and what happened and what she learnt from it.

It’s broken down into small chunks of chapters in chapters so is a lot easier to read because I think some teens don’t like to read if the chapters look too long. But what is brilliant is that at the back of the book she has given contact numbers that people can use if they need help and need to speak to specialists for any of the topics she has covered in the book and she doesn’t only put down the numbers for Specialist Help in UK only but for Ireland,Australia and New Zealand aswell which I think is brilliant because it helps people out so they don’y have to search for the numbers if they are feeling like they need to speak to somebody.

Now although I say it’s a brilliant book (which it is) I just don’t think it was very helpful for me as I knew a lot that was being said about but I still picked up some stuff that I didn’t know. But I will be letting my younger sister read it and I’m sure it’ll help her out a lot whilst she’s going through her part of life. So I recommend getting this book for helping getting advice of loads of topics that your 11- 19 yr old  might not want to talk to you about and also is a good read for yourself too.



All I Know Now book cover

You can buy this book here –

At the moment when writing this post you can buy the Hard-covered book for £6.49 and the Kindle version for £4.99 from Amazon by clicking on the link above.


I hope you have liked my book review on the book today. If you have read the book yourself then please let me know what you have made of it yourself?

I look forward to reading your comments.



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