Blog Updates and Catch up. (8/10/15)

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Hiya everyone,

I thought I’d do a blog post just an ordinary blog post not for anything in particular just to have a catch up with you all and let you know of new things I’m wanting to try on here.


So first of all I thought seeing as it’s almost a year (well I wrote my first blog post on here on 12/11/14 so actually just under 11 months) I thought I’d like to branch out (not lots really) but I’d like to branch out and try doing some different types of posts aswell as doing what I’m already doing already (soaps,different tv shows,films and book reviews.) I would like to try other style of posts so there is a bit more variety and something for everyone to see and possibly bring some more readers to visit the blog. Another reason I’d like to try something new here is because I felt like I was getting a little unmotivated to do them sometimes and I felt that it was because I was doing the same thing more or less everytime and it could start to show and I was worried if I was feeling like that then some of you reading might start not wanting to come to visit the blog anymore. Also a few of these things I’d been thinking about for quite a few months.

I’m the first to admit that when I first started my blog posts weren’t good and earlier today when I was going through and having a tidy up and sort out on the blog and I saw some of the older/first like 3/4 of my posts I thought to myself “wow I wasn’t good at my set up of doing any of them. But I believe well I hope that the last few months of doing my posts they have got better (slightly but still better).

As I mentioned that a few of the things I’d thought of and have been wanted to try and do for a few months and haven’t because I’d been too worried about how they’d go. After watching a YouTube video last night it has motivated me and has given me a push to go for what I want to do and  I won’t know if any of these will work unless I try them out and give it a go and if it turns out that none of these things work out and are no good and don’t get either a good response or no response then I can stop them/take them off the page and I will know then how they worked out but until I try I won’t know and somebody else somewhere else will of gone and done the same things.

So I thought of a few new different things that I thought I would like to do and it will make it a bit more exciting for the blog (well that’s what I hope and plan anyway). I shall note them down below and explain a bit about what it is.


Name Lists:A-Z

Now this is an idea I came up with at the weekend just gone so is one of the newest ideas I’ve got. Believe it or not I got this idea whilst watching a old YouTube video of Jim Chapman’s which you can watch here.What he does in the video is write down the letters A-Z and writes down a word/saying for each of the letters that are only used in Britain. Now the thing I would like to do is similar to that but different to; if that makes any sense at all. Well the idea I’ve got is I’ve got 8/9 different topics that I’ve thought of so far and I’m going to try and think of as many different (what ever the topic is) the first one I’ve got is brands so as many different brands as I can from A-Z. Once a fortnight most probably

Diary type posts 

This idea is pretty self explanatory in the title. What I thought I’d do is to a post perhaps once a week if I done anything to talk about. First one will most probably be up on Sunday and if there is any will be Sunday

Advice page

This is another one that you can tell from the title. I’m not a expert and don’t have any certificates but I like to help people and give any advice that I can to help people and try and lead them in the right direction (if I can).  The post with the advice will go up if I get enough to help. More than 4.

Shopping/Goodie Haul

The final thing I was very tempted to do a few months back but I didn’t because I was chicken and worried,but I would definitely like to do something like this if I done a shop of things that I thought would be interesting for you all and if was enough stuff the (obviously not too much but not only 2-3 things.)

Let me know what you think of these ideas,let me know what you’re most looking forward to seeing and if there’s any other types of things you would like to see me do.

Also if you like the idea of the Names List ; A-Z then if you can think of any topics that can have something for all letters could you let me know so I can continue it if it’s possible.

I’m looking forward to starting these new adventures and also looking forward to seeing what you think. 😉



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