Love Tanya by Tanya Burr

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I just want to do a blog on a book that I’ve not long finished reading that I think people should read. It’s called Love Tanya and it’s by Tanya Burr who is 25yrs old from Norwich and lives in London with Jim Chapman(her fiancée)and she has her own successful blog, her own successful YouTube channel with 2.8+ million subscribers on, her own cosmetic range and now has her own book out which in she talks about lots of different things.

Such as –

  • Growing Up ;Part 1 and Part 2 -She has 2 chapters on in which she talks to us about her childhood and her life up to now.

In Part 1 she also tells us her Top 10 nostalgic childhood memories and explains why that is.and her top 10 songs of her childhood growing up. Also there are notes for you to list you top 10 memorable moments with your family, list you favourite school memories. list your top 10 childhood heroes and list top 10 songs that would be the soundtrack of your life growing up.

In Part 2 she also tells us her top 10 experiences that have shaped her into who she has become. Also there are notes for you to List the top 10 things that have shaped who you have become,List the people who have had a positive influence on your life and why and List your funniest or most embarrassing moments.

  • Skincare Essentials – She talks about skincare basics and all things about skincare. The topics she covers in this chapter of skincare and explains in depth are Cleansing,Toning,Serum,Moisturiser,Eye Cream, about what to do if you suffer from acne or bad breakouts and a little about SPF. She also lets us into to knowing and explaining why about  her top 10 skincare products,her top 10 essential beauty tips. There are also notes for you to list your skincare regime and the ways you might improve it and to list your beauty icons and why they inspire you.lotion-23672_640
  • Make-up Essentials – The chapter name is pretty self explanatory. Tanya explains about what make-up means to her and gives some tips on how to get good make up and the essential things to do that . Such as the Tools and explains what each tool does. She explains all about all the different brushes and what they are for;there is a picture of all the brushes and they are all labelled so you know what they all look like. She also talks you through putting your make-up on and giving you tips how to do it best. Here are the topics of the facts and tips of applying your make-up Primer,Foundation,Concealer,Powder,Contouring and Highlighting,Bronzer and Blush,Brows,Eyes;Eye-shadow,Mascara and Eye-liner and lastly Lips. Tanya tells us what her top 10 must-haves for our make-up bags and tells us what her top 10 bargain beauty buys are. There are notes for you to list the top 10 make-up looks you are inspired by at the moment and  list the top 10 items in your make-up bag.cosmetics-259181_640
  • Hair&Nail Essentials- In this chapter she first talks about her love of styling her hair as a child and gives up some basic hints and tips on hair essentials by giving us basic hair care advice and by showing us her favourite ways to style your hair and tells us how to create them. The hair styles she shows are – Loose,Natural Waves ,Easy and cute pinned-back hair, Braided up-do, High Bun and the Side French Braid. I love them all and really want to try them all out I just need my hair to grow a little bit longer before I can do some of them. Tanya tells us her top 10 Hair Rules and her top 10 hair styling tips. There are notes to list the hairstyles that you feel excited by and want to

She then goes on to talk about Nails and she talks us through how to do The DIY Manicure. She tells us her top 10 nail tips. And there is also a notes page to list your top 10 favourite nail varnishes. nail-polish-281878_640

  • The next chapter is Fashion- In this chapter she tells us about her love for dressing up,clothes,shopping and fashion. She explains all the different body types and explains why it’s important to dress for your body shape and explains how you can tell what body shape you are. She also tells us where to shop,how best to accessorise with Shoes,Jewellery,Hats and bags. She tells us what’s in her bag and how to organise your wardrobe. Tanya tells us her top 10 fashion tips and her top 10 favourite items. There are notes pages to list your favourite fashion items and to list the celebrities whose styles you admire and why.
  • Love – This chapter Tanya talks about her love for Jim(her fiancée who she is set to marry later this year) and also of her love life previous to Jim. She tells us her top 10 date ideas,her top 10 relationship tips and her top 10 tips on dressing for a first date. There are notes pages for you to list your favourite romantic films and to list date-night ideas you want to try.


  • Life – In this chapter Tanya talks about Friendships and her friendships she’s had and still got and made.  Also Travelling in which she talks bout the travelling she has done and the places she’s been. She tells us her top 10 favourite places.plane-50893_640

And Food and Exercise in which she talks about exercise and tells us her top 10 fun ways to get fit and talks about Eating Right and tells us her top 10 healthy eating tips.There are notes page for you to’list your best friends and what they mean to you’ in Friendship.In Travelling there is a notes page,to ‘list your favourite top 10 things to bring on holiday’,’list your favourite places in the world’ and ‘list places you could see yourself living’. In Food and Exercise there is a notes pages to’list new activities you want to try’ and ‘list some healthy foods that you want to introduce into your diet’.yoga-263673_640

  • Baking and Recipes – In this chapter Tanya explains what baking means to her and tells us some of her favourite recipes for you try to make yourself and also tells us abit what the recipe means to her.Such as  Chocolate Brownies,Lemon drizzle loaf, 2 different types of cookie recipes,Healthy Winter Soup,Roasted Squash,Lentil and Goat’s cheese salad and Overnight oats breakfast sundae. These are just some of them. She also tells us her top 10 tips for successful baking and her top 10 people she’d like to eat cake and drink tea with. There are some notes pages which you can ‘List the people you’d like to have dinner or eat cake with’, ‘List the recipes you want to try’ and ‘List your top 10 favourite things to eat’.kitchen-scale-532651_640
  • Confidence and Happiness – In this chapter Tanya talks about her struggle with her confidence when she was younger and how she overcome it to become more confident and happy like she is today.She tells us her top 10 ways to feel more more confident and tells us her top 10 things that make her happy.She also talks about anxiety and stress and how she suffers with it and how she copes with it. Tanya tells us her top 10 ways of dealing with anxiety and stress and her favourite inspirational quotes.There are notes pages which you can ‘List the things you aspire to be fearless at’ and ‘List the things that make you happy’ and to ‘List the things to make yourself feel better when you’re feeling down’.smilies-110650_640


  • YouTube – In this chapter Tanya tells us about how she started off on YouTube and gives you tips on what to do and not do when starting off on YouTube or doing a Blog. She also tells you her top 10 vlogging and blogging tips for beginners and also her top 10 moments of her YouTube career so far. There are also notes pages which you can ‘List your top 10 favourite websites’,and ‘List your proudest moments’.youtube-344106_640


  • Looking forwards – In this chapter Tanya talks about what she would like to happen for her in the future. She tells us her top 10 ways to get what you want in life and her top 10 books. There are also notes pages which you can ‘List the things you would like to accomplish’ ,’List your dream jobs’ and ‘List your favourite books here’.
  • Ask Tanya – Which is a couple of pages which she answered as few peoples questions off of Twitter.


I think this book is a great book because its an insight into her life but also loads of helpful tips for everything. And loads of lovely photos aswell. Love Tanya

You can buy this book in most book shops but on Amazon at which you can get for £6.17 for the kindle edition or the hard cover for £6.49.


Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments what you think/ thought.

I look forward to reading your comments.




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