Nail Varnish and nail art corrector pen Haul and Review

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Hiya everyone,

I had a little shop at Superdrug last week and thought I’d do a blog post on them but I first thought I’d try them out first and do a haul and a review at the same time. I tried them out with my aunt so I could see how well they last on our nails doing different things.

IMG_1773 (Edited)

  1. GOSH Frosted Sand Matt effect Nail varnish in Pastel Rose. Which is £3.99 at Superdrug (at the time of writing this)
  2. Models Own in Chrome Copper. It’s £4.99 at Superdrug (at the moment but at the time of writing currently out of stock)
  3. Miss Sporty Lasting colour gel shine nail varnish in the colour Fall 251. At superdrug it’s £1.99. (At the time of writing this is currently out of stock)


Here are some photos that I took on my phone of the nail varnishes being worn.




On the toes my aunt has got the Miss Sporty nail varnish.




And on her fingers is the GOSH frosted sand nail varnish and on her ring fingers she has got Models Own Chrome Copper.








On my fingers I have got the Miss Sporty on all but the ring fingers and then on my ring fingers I have got GOSH frosted sand nail varnish.










On my aunt’s fingers in this photo she has got the ‘Gosh frosted sand nail varnish’ on all her fingers but her ring finger and then on her ring finger she has got ‘Miss Sporty nail varnish’.







                    The Nail Varnish review   



Gosh Frosted Sand Matt effect nail varnish in Pastel Rose

= Well I was at first a little disappointed as I thought it was going to colour my nail more than it does but I do love it now that I have had it on longer and seeing it on other people too. The only downside would be that it is tricky to get off. I would have to say that out of the two nail varnishes that I’ve got on (the Miss Sporty and this one) this one has seemed to of stayed on the best and no chips that I can see. I would of just liked it to of been slightly darker like the bottle shows but still lovely.





Miss Sporty Lasting colour gel shine nail varnish in Fall 

= This one and Models own seem to of got their colours muddled up which is a disappointment because from the bottle this looks the lighter colour of the too but when I’ve put this on it looks more copper than the copper one is. But nevertheless it’s still a nice colour just not what I thought I was buying.                       This also only lasted 4/5 days and not the up to 10 days like it says on the lid.







Models Own Chrome Copper

= I was again at first disappointed with this as I was expected it to me the same sort of colour as the bottle but it is a lot lighter as you can see in the photos. But it’s still good.



Barry M Nail Art Corrector Pen




Barry M Nail Art Corrector pen. £4.99 at superdrug

While I was doing my order ordering the nail varnishes I thought I’d see whether there was anything I could get to help clean round the edges of my nails when I do my nails and I came across this so popped it in my basket.

I’ve only used it a couple of times but it seems really good so far and comes with 2 spare double ended nibs.

My favourite one out of the three has got to be the GOSH Frosted Sand Matt Effect in Pastel Rose.

I hope you have enjoyed my little haul and review.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Speak to you next time.






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  1. isha

    Well having used these vanishes I was super happy. The GOSH FROSTED SAND is my absolute favourite. It sparkes but is subtle. Lasted all week too. It was harder to clean off but that was just the glitter in it, which is the same with all glittery varnish. I have gone from a person who doesn’t normally bother doing their nails to enjoying them being redone. Will definitely be buying some more GOSH.

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