Pippa’s Cornish Dream by Debbie Johnson

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Hiya everyone,

The book I’ve been reading in the past week and finished reading last night has been ‘Pippa’s Cornish Dream’ by Debbie Johnson.

When I started reading this last Saturday, I thought it was a slightly different story to what the name and book cover suggested and also from what I’d read briefly of the description of the book on the website before buying it. But nonetheless I persevered with it and carried on reading and found myself on a mixture of feelings (not emotions like you can get when reading a story or watching a film) but of moments when I was liking the story and then not and then liking and then not (you catch my drift).

The story was based on Pippa (well duh the name’s in the title of the book so I’m telling you but you probably already knew that) and her parents died when she was 18yrs old and she was left to bring up her siblings ,she had 2 brothers 1  which was not much younger than her but was getting himself into allsorts of trouble and the other was really quite young, I think he was 4/5yrs old and then she had twin sisters who I believe was 8/9yrs old. Not only the children but had to take care of her parents holiday homes and what was left of the farm animals. Then a guy showed up called Ben who she’d seen when she was younger who she falls for and we discover with her that he’s just got out of prison.

It was a case of will they/won’t throughout the whole book they as they wouldn’t admit their true feelings to each other.

It was very confusing whilst reading it as it kept swapping from one page to the next at some moments as to who was the person speaking in the book (either Pippa or Ben). And you’d go to a new chapter and sometimes not know how much time has gone by since the previous chapter you’d just read.


Pippa's cornish dream book cover                     You can buy the book from Amazon here for £1.99 for kindle version or £6.99 for paperback version


Let me know if you’ve read this book before and what you thought of it.

I look forward to reading your comments and views.

Speak to you next time



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