Starry Night Nail Varnish Collection by Nails Inc

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All nail varnishes together for feature image for blog post (2)
The Starry Night Collection by Nails Inc


So the other day I saw this limited edition collection of nail varnishes (Starry Night Collection) on the Nail Inc website and I just had to get it and I thought I’d do a post to show you all. The good news is it was on sale but individually should of cost £115 so was an extra brilliant reason as to why I had to get it. Unfortunately at the time of writing this post this Starry Night Collection was sold out.

I have 3 different types of varnishes in the collection. there are 5 normal nail varnishes, 4 Special effects varnishes and 1 foil effect varnish.


Normal Nail Varnish

Normal type of nail varnishes

  1. The first one that’s the furthest to the left in the photo above is called Hamilton Mews. This is a light pink colour but also shimmery too like a pearl like finish and is part of their ballet sheers collection.
  2. The second one along is called Regents Row. This is a purply- brown colour.
  3. The middle one is called St Martin’s Lane. This is purple plum coloured varnish.
  4. The second from last in this photo is called Imperial Road. This is a navy colour with a metallic shimmer running through it.
  5. The last one from the photo above is called Old Bond Street.  This is a dark bluey purple/indigo colour.


Special Effects Nail Varnish

special effects nail varnish.


  1. The first one from the special effects nail varnishes photo is called Lilyville Road. This is holographic silver glitter varnish.
  2. The next one is called Marylebone. And is pink glitter in a clear varnish
  3. This next one is called Bolton Gardens. This is a mixture of Blue,Black and Silver glitter in clear varnish.
  4. The last one that I’ve got for the special effects is called Rochester Street. This is a brown coloured polish with mixed colour glitter running through it.


Foil Effect Nail Varnish

Nail Foil Varnish

I only had the one foil effect nail varnish in this collection. But this one is called South Kensington and this is a silver foil effect colour.

Nail varnishes on my left hand (1)

Nail varnishes on my right hand


Above in the photos are my hands and as you may see I have different colours on each nails and that’s because I couldn’t wait to wear them and see what they looked like on my nails and not in the bottles and also I just couldn’t decide which one to try first.

I’ve never used a Nails Inc nail varnish before but heard how good they are and I’ve got to say I’m very very impressed and I;ve only had them today but they dry so quickly and look lovely so I’ll definitely be buying their products again and totally recommend to you to try them aswell if you haven’t already.

Let me know if you’ve use Nail Inc before and what you think and if their is a particular shade/colour that you like and recommend.

I look forward to reading your comments and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Speak to you next time.



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