The Test by Gregg Bell (Ebook kindle review)

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Hiya everyone,

Sorry I haven’t done a review for so long. I didn’t realise that I hadn’t done the reviews on here so I am extremely sorry.

But I started up a Book Club group on my Facebook page the last month and although I was the only one to post a review I thought I’d post what I thought of the book up here so you can see.

This is what I thought of this book :-

I read The Test and I struggled to get into it to start with well actually for a while and then I wanted to carry on reading it to see if what I thought was going to happen would happen and the outcome was the same and was kinda predictable apart from one bit where it was touch and go at times for 2 of the main characters. There was a few bits that did make a bit surprised but most was predictable in the long run. I would probably give it a 3/5.

Overall I don’t think I’d recommend this book personally but it was a free book and so you may enjoy it more as everyone is different,enjoys different books and has different views on what they read.

We didn’t have a book choice for August but hopefully will be starting back up next month so when I have read the books that are part of the book club for the month I will do the same and do the style like I have done today in this blog and if the other members of my book club post their reviews/thoughts on the book I will post them in the blog aswell if they give me their permission to do so and that way you will get different points of view on which ever book it is and you can make a decision on whether you want to get the book or not.


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You can grab your copy to read here –

You can also if you wish join the book club here –

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post on my review of The Test by Gregg Bell.                                                                             Let me know if you have read this and what you thought of it. Did you agree or disagree?

I’ll see you next time.


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